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The haematology department is a consultant-led service providing a range of diagnostic services in routine haematology, haemostasis, some serology and parasitology. This service is provided to MUH clinicians, general practioners, and a limited service is provided to the South Infirmary-Victoria University Hospital (SIVUH).  On occasion, clinical trials are facilitated.

On-Call Service

A 24-hour “on-call” service is provided for urgent requests on hospital patients.
On-call staff can be contacted through the switchboard 021-427 1971.


A diagnostic haematology service is provided which provides the following tests:
Full Blood Count (FBC)
White Blood Cell Differential (Diff)
Erythrocyte Sedementation Rate (ESR)
Reticulocyte Count (Retic)
Bone Marrow Investigation
Rheumatoid Arthritis and Infectious Monomuycleosis (monospot)
Malaria Screening
Sickle Screening
Tests provided in coagulation include:
Prothrombin Time (PT)
International Normalised Ratio (INR)
Activated Prothrombin Time (APTT)
Fibrinogen Screening
D-Dimer Screening
Thrombophilia Screening
We also provide a comprehensive referral service for low volume tests, and specialist genetic tests that we forward to the appropriate testing centre.


The department is accredited by the Royal College of Pathologists and the Irish Committee on Higher Medical Training (ICHMT) for the training of specialist registrars in clinical and laboratory haematology.    It is also accredited by the Academy of Medical Laboratory Sciences for the training of biomedical science students.
Virtually all text reports issued by the haematology laboratory are now accredited by the Irish National Accreditation Board to the internationally recognised standard ISO15189 for medical laboratories.


Our team consists of a consultant haematologist, consultant paediatric haematologist, associated medical teams and clerical support.  The laboratory is staffed by qualified biomedical scientists, supported by a clerical officer and biomedical scientist students, who as part of their training, are required to complete a nine-month training rotation in an acute training hospital.  
We cannot facilitate requests from transition year students for placements because of the above mentioned commitment to training biomedical scientist students and also due to the high level of requests we receive.

Useful Resources

You will find the Primary Sample Collection Manual on the main hospital website under Quick Links.  This document contains all the information about the laboratory service relevant to users, from staff contact information, an A-Z of tests available along with the sample types reference ranges and turnaround times and much more useful information.


For phlebotomy services, please contact the Outpatient Department or relevant clinical team.


Located in the main hospital on the fourth floor of the Lee View Block.

Opening Hours

24 hrs. / 7 days per week. 
Routine hours:  8 am - 8 pm on Monday-Friday and 9 am - 12 noon on Saturday.
Emergency on-call service operates outside of these hours.


021-427 1971 and ask for ext. 5747 
On-call staff can be contacted through the switchboard:  021-427 1971