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Miscellaneous Information:

Mr. Paul Sweeney is a urological surgeon with a specific interest in surgery for cancers of the prostate, bladder, kidney, testes and penis.  He has been based at Mercy University Hospital since 2002.

Mr. Sweeney graduated in 1989 from Trinity College Dublin with an honour in surgery and was awarded the Sir Arthur Ball Prize for Surgery.  He then completed higher urological training in Dublin with the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI) passing the Intercollegiate Specialty Examination (FRCS Urology) in 1998.

He then acquired further training at University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas, USA where he completed Fellowships in Urological Oncology and Cancer Biology (1999-2002).  He was awarded the Sheppard Memorial Prize (TCD) and the RCSI Travelling Fellowship to support his training at this institution.  While at M.D. Anderson, he was an investigator with two prestigious research programs in bladder and prostate cancer (Specialised Program of Research Excellence, National Cancer Institute, USA).

In 2007, he took a sabbatical to Columbia University, New York, USA where he acquired additional skills in keyhole surgery (Fellowship in Minimally Invasive Urology).

Mr. Sweeney supervised the work of his PhD student in Ireland's Cork Cancer Research Centre. Their paper on gene therapy for prostate cancer was recognized by the European Association of Eurology (EAU) as the best paper on fundamental research published in the urological literature in 2009.  He continues to maintain an active role in research and has published in excess of 50 scientific papers.  He is involved in training Irish and European Union (EU) urologists and urologists from developing countries.

Mr. Sweeney has also worked with an international urology charity (Sociètè Internationale D'Urologie, Canada) and has driven the development of urology units in rural regions of Sudan and has established a program for bladder cancer diagnosis and treatment in Wad Madani in Sudan.