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Blood Transfusion Service


The blood transfusion laboratory covers the investigations required to ensure compatibility with donor blood products when required to meet a patient’s need. Such investigations include Blood Grouping, Antibody screening, Irregular Antibody identification and cross matching (compatibility testing) of donor blood with patient’s blood samples. Based on these investigations and the patient’s requirement, blood products are provided which address the patient’s clinical need. It provides blood components to patients requiring transfusion support for a variety of hematological disorders / conditions, surgical support and for patients who have been involved in major traumas. Management of blood products and derivatives is the responsibility of the Transfusion Laboratory. Together with the Haemovigilance office the blood bank laboratory ensures that Adherence to the EU blood directive, ISO 15189 2007 and AML-BB standards is a priority. This is audited annually by the HPRA and ISO15189 accreditation audit


The laboratory has been awarded for accreditation under ISO15189 since 2011. The current list of tests covered under accreditation are listed in the accreditation certificate referenced 297MT available to view from www.inab.ie or on request from the laboratory.


Dr. Clodagh Ryan Consultant Paediatric Haematologist
Mr. James Hopkins Chief Medical Scientist
Medical Scientist on call in Blood Transfusion Laboratory : Contact switch

Useful Resources

The Laboratory User Manual on the main hospital website under Quick Links. This document contains all the information about the laboratory service relevant to users, from staff contact information, an A-Z of tests available along with the sample types reference ranges and turnaround times and much more useful information


Blood Transfusion Laboratory is located in the 4th floor of the Lee View Block.

Opening Hours

08:00 20:00 hrs Mon Fri (deadline for specimen in the lab 15:30)

On-Call Service

Outside of the routine hours noted above urgent requests on hospital patients are processed by on call medical scientists. On-call staff can be contacted through the switchboard 021-427 1971


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