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The department of Cardiology at MUH is a facility that mainly provides for non-invasive assessment of patients with cardiovascular disease.  Staff in the department provide a comprehensive range of cardiovascular assessment, including the performance of echocardiography, ambulatory blood pressure monitoring, Holter monitoring and exercise treadmill testing.
The department also provides a service of invasive cardiac assessment and intervention, as well as the non-invasive assessment of cardiovascular disease utilising cardiac MRI and cardiac CT angiography.


The consultant staff includes Professor Carl Vaughan and Professor David Kerins.


Fourth floor, Lee View Block, MUH

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday - 8 am to 5 pm.


Diagnostic Bookings:  021-493 5517
Professor Carl Vaughan's office:  021-493 5084
Professor David Kerin's office:  021-493 5085