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Nursing, Para Nursing and Bed Management

The Department of Nursing Services and Bed Management at Mercy University Hospital is sustained by nursing professional guidelines and developments whilst incorporating the mission statement and ethos of Mercy University Hospital.


The department of nursing recognises the need to continually improve the delivery of healthcare in order to provide high quality, safe care to our patients and their families.  Great progress has been made to date in improving access, patient experience and the care environment with nursing playing a crucial role in driving these improvements.  Key drivers for the enhancement of care delivery have been the clinical care programmes, national standards and feedback from patients on their experiences.  It is essential to continue on this journey of progress and strive to ensure every patient receives optimal, timely and appropriate care of the highest professional standard.
The core principle for the department of nursing remains the delivery of safe, high quality, effective and compassionate care which will ensure our patients experience and achieve the best possible outcomes.

Nursing Structure

The organisational structure is arranged within a medical and surgical division formation as far as is practical.
Scheduled Care
The department has the responsibility for scheduled care and collaborates with the Special Delivery Unit (SDU) on the management of hospital waiting lists.  The Bed Management Unit (BMU) takes the lead on all in-patient and day case waiting lists working in partnership with consultants, their teams and nurse managers to chronologically manage waiting lists.  The Outpatient Services Management Group (OSMG) takes the lead on all outpatient waiting lists, implementing system and process changes as per the technical guidance documents and SDU advice.
Unscheduled Care
The department plays a key role in managing unscheduled care and patient flow with the aim of enhancing patient experiences of our services.
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Strategic Themes and Key Priorities

Aligned to the hospital's core purpose and national standards, the key priorities for the department of nursing are described as follows:
  • Safe and effective patient-centred care.
  • Patient experience, communication and information.
  • Strengthen nursing leadership.
  • Continuing professional development.
  • Efficient resource management.


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Para Nursing

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Bed Management

Bed Manager: Ms. Carmel Walsh
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