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What is Oncology?


St. Therese's Ward

St. Therese's ward is the Oncology ward in the Mercy University Hospital. It consists of a 5 day in patient ward with 8 beds and a day ward also .

Multi-Disciplinary Service

The Oncology staff liaise daily with the X-Ray dept, Haematology and biochemistry departments, the pulmonary function tests lab, Public Health Nurses, Pastoral care team, Palliative care services (hospice and home care) General Practioners other sites i.e. Radiotherapy Department-Cork University Hospital, The Blackrock Clinic-Pet Scans, HARI unit-Rotunda hospital.

Why are Patients Admitted to the Ward?

Patients are admitted to the ward for various reasons:
  • For course of chemotherapy.
  • For staging tests prior to commencing treatment.
  • For follow up CT scans following treatment and Bone Marrow tests.
  • Patients are also admitted if unwell post treatment and symptom control
  • For the insertion of Hickman Lines PICC Lines
  • For education of patients and families prior to treatment.
  • The 8 inpatient beds are utilised efficiently in order to meet the needs of the service. Recliner room two is often used to put up an extra bed when there is pressure on the hospital beds and used for treating patients who need emergency review/treatment.
  • The day ward allows patients to receive treatment as a day patient. This allows patients to continue leading a normal life as much as possible.

What do Patients attend the Day Ward?

Patients attend the day ward for various reasons:
  • For treatment at various weekly intervals.
  • For cannulation prior to having CT scans done.
  • For Hickman line dressings and flushing of these lines.
  • For blood tests following treatment.
  • For review if feeling unwell following treatment.
  • For education of patients and families prior to commencement of treatment.
  • The number of patients admitted and treated in the department for 2005 exceeded 4000 patients.

Role of the Oncology Liaison Nurse

The role of the Oncology Liaison Nurse involves co ordination between the Oncology Medical team and:
  • The X-Ray Department.
  • The Radiotherapy Department in Cork University Hospital .
  • The Nursing Staff on the General Wards.
  • The Medical and Surgical Consultants in the Mercy University Hospital .
  • The Out Patient Clinics.
  • The Social Work Department.
  • Dietetics and all other disciplines within the hospital.
  • The Oncology Liaison Nurse provides a direct link for patients and relatives to the Oncology Team.