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What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy includes a range of interventions aimed at restoring normal movement and increasing function through a variety of treatment options including manual therapy, exercise prescription for strength, wellbeing and function, education and health promotion and electo-physical modalities.

Most people are aware of the role of Physiotherapy in treating common ailments such as back pain and muscle injuries. However Physiotherapists have a wider role in health care and manage conditions such as osteoporosis, incontinence, respiratory conditions including ICU, neurological conditions, falls and balance issues, frailty and health promotion, emergency care, pulmonary rehabilitation and specialist rehabilitation.

About the Team

There is a team of physiotherapists working in all areas of the hospital made up of staff grade therapists that are supported by senior physiotherapists who are specialists in their particular areas.  The team is supported by therapy assistants and works with the multi-disciplinary team.
The team is comprised of fully qualified physiotherapists and all are eligible for membership of the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists, the professional body for Physiotherapy in Ireland.


While in the hospital, your consultant will decide if you require physiotherapy and a referral will be made.
The team also accepts outpatient GP referrals from the Cork city centre primary care team, other hospitals, the MUH emergency department and it works closely with the pain management service at MUH.


The ethos of the department is of self help and management and in all areas advice is given to patients, carers and relatives to prevent the re-occurrence of problems.


The main Physiotherapy Department is on the second floor of the main hospital in the Mansion House.  However, the physiotherapist will initially review you on the ward if you are an inpatient.

Opening Hours

The outpatient service operates from 7:30 am - 4 pm on Monday to Friday, while the inpatient service operates from 8 am - 5 pm daily, including a weekend service available for respiratory emergency conditions.  

Outside of these times an on-call service is available for respiratory emergencies.

Contact Details

Telephone:  021-4935312 or 021-4935340


Attendance for outpatient Physiotherapy is by medical referral and appointment only.

Other Information

The Physiotherapy Department is utilised for undergraduate training from the University of Limerick and student physiotherapists may be involved in delivering your rehabilitation, under the supervision of a qualified member of staff.  If you prefer to not be seen by a student, please let your physiotherapist know.

The team maintains close links with the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists.