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‘In the spirit of the Sisters of Mercy we provide excellent patient services to maintain and improve the health and wellbeing of those we serve.’


Established in 1857

Mercy University Hospital was established by the Mercy Order (founded by Catherine McCauley) in 1857 as a 40-bed hospital staffed by four Sisters.  In the intervening years it has expanded rapidly both in terms of facilities and accommodation, becoming the second largest Hospital in Cork.  The Mercy was designated as a university hospital in 2003.


Hospital Profile

Located in the busy centre of Cork, Mercy University Hospital (commonly known as MUH or the Mercy) is a voluntary, general acute hospital catering for both public and private patients.

The hospital provides approximately 325 beds and offers a wide range of specialities which provide in-patient, day patient, outpatient and emergency services open 24 hrs. / day and 7 days / week.



Core Values

Respect is a recognition of the dignity of each person at all times.

"Our mutual respect is to be cordial" - Catherine McAuley


Justice is honouring the rights and responsibilities of each person in light of the common good.

"The poor need help today not next week" - Catherine McAuley


Compassion calls us to empathise with the other as we try to understand his / her suffering.

"The kind word, the gentle compassionate look and the patient hearing of sorrows -- these cost the giver nothing" - Catherine McAuley


Excellence means giving of our very best within the resources available to us.

"Take short, careful steps, not great strides" - Catherine McAuley


Team Spirit is working together to achieve our common purpose.

"The Spirit of Union is the greatest blessing on a community" - Catherine McAuley