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Medical Oncologist
021-493 5362
Miscellaneous Information:

Dr. Derek Power graduated from Trinity College Dublin in 1994 with an honours degree in pharmacy.  He then graduated from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland in 2001 with an honours medical degree.  After his general medical training and two years of specialist training in medical oncology, he won a bursary from the Irish Society of Medical Oncology and embarked on a solid tumour fellowship in Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre, New York, U.S. (2007-2009).  Dr. Power then did a cancer genetics fellowship in the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre (2009-2010).

He was appointed as a consultant medical oncologist in Mercy University Hospital (MUH) and Cork University Hospital (CUH); and appointed as an honorary clinical lecturer in University College Cork (UCC) in July 2010.

Dr. Power's interests include melanoma, gastrointestinal and genitourinary cancers, as well as familial cancer genetics.  He published original papers on the use of novel compounds in upper gastrointestinal cancer as well as reviews and book chapters in gastrointestinal cancers.  Dr. Power has also published on the role of hepatic arterial infusion pump chemotherapy in colorectal liver metastases and hepatobiliary cancers, a technology he hopes to bring to Ireland.  He has over 80 citations in the international scientific literature and has published five book chapters.

He has given oral presentations at the ASCO* and ESMO** meetings and is a member of national and international cancer organisations.  He is a national principal investigator on several ICORG*** clinical trials in gastrointestinal cancers and melanoma.

Dr. Power is the recipient of a translational research access programme application grant from UCC for 'Neuroendocrine and gut microbiome biomarkers in pancreatic cancer cachexia' and has received investigator-initiated funding on kidney cancer, colorectal cancer and melanoma studies. One such funded study is 'The use of electrochemotherapy in combination with immunotherapy in advanced melanoma.'  This trial is led by Dr. Power in conjunction with the Cork Cancer Research Centre.


*ASCO = American Society of Clinical Oncology.

**ESMO = European Society for Medical Oncology.

***ICORG = All Ireland Cooperative Oncology Research Group.