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Radiologist (Part-Time)
021-493 5277
Miscellaneous Information:

Dr. Patrick Sparrow is a consultant radiologist with interest in sub-specialist areas within radiology of cardiovascular and thoracic cross-sectional imaging and interventional radiology.

Dr. Sparrow qualified from University College Cork (UCC) medical school in 1995.  Having completed the basic medical training scheme in internal medicine at Cork University Hospital from 1996-1998, with a further period in clinical cardiology from 1998-2000, he entered the training programme in clinical radiology under the supervision of University of Manchester, United Kingdom (UK) in 2000.  He was awarded a British Heart Foundation research fellowship in cardiac magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) at University of Leeds, UK from 2003-2005 and awarded his doctoral thesis from University of Leeds in use of cardiac MRI in ischaemic and valvular heart failure.

Following the awarding of fellowship of Royal College of Radiologists, London and subsequent certificate of completion of specialist training (CCST) in diagnostic radiology in 2006, he further developed his sub-specialty interests in cardiovascular imaging and interventions with fellowships in vascular and interventional radiology at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, Toronto, Canada (2006-2007) and cardiac imaging at University Heaalth Network, Toronto, Canada (2007-2008), respectively.  Following appointment as consultant interventional radiologist, Derriford Hospital, Plymouth, UK from 2008-2010, he returned to his native Cork to take up the role of consultant radiologist at Mallow General and Mercy University Hospitals.