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Rehabilitation Medicine
Miscellaneous Information:

Dr. Macfarlane graduated from University College Cork (UCC) medical school in 1994 and interned at Cork University Hospital (CUH) and here at Mercy University Hospital (MUH).  He completed basic medical training on the Munster scheme before working a year as a registrar in infectious diseases.  After a year of gastroenterology research in Vienna, Austria he returned to Dublin where he worked as a registrar at the National Rehabilitation Hospital and discovered 'his' speciality.

Appointed to the specialist training scheme in Rehabilitation in 2001, Dr. Macfarlane trained at the National Rehabilitation Hospital, St. Vincent's University and Beaumont Hospital.  Towards the end of his training programme he successfully obtained a training post in the Department of Rehabilitation and Rheumatology at the University of Leeds, United Kingdom (UK) a recognised academic centre for rehabilitation medicine.  After completing his specialist training he was appointed a Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine at the Regional Neuro-Rehabilitation Service in Newcastle-upon Tyne in the UK with the renowned Professor Mike Barnes.  Dr. Macfarlane lead the development of the spasticity service introducing standards of care and a training programme for non-medical staff.  He lead an in-patient team for patients with complex neurological disability and supported a community team for neuro-disability.  Dr. Macfarlane served on the Joint Speciality Committee at the Royal College of Physicians (of London) and was awarded a Fellowship of the College.  His main clinical interests are neuro-rehabilitation:  particularly traumatic brain injury, spasticity, outcome measures and personal factors in functional outcomes.