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Can I see my Records?

You have a right under the Data Protection Act 1998 to view or obtain a copy of your records.

Who can Obtain Access to the Records?

People who can apply to see health records include the patient whom the records are about or someone acting on their behalf (for example, by written authorisation, parental rights, court appointment, personal representative or someone with a claim arising from the death of a patient).

What about Confidentiality?

All personal information, which you provide, about yourself and your medical condition is held securely and confidentially by Mercy University Hospital. All of our staff have a legal duty withrespect to the confidentiality of the medical record. The record holder is obliged to be satisfied that the applicant is the patient, or is entitled to see the health record. As such, we will need to check the identity of the person accessing the record and may also have to make further enquiries.

How do I get to see my Health Records?

You should write to the Freedom of Information Office. You will then be sent the appropriate application form for completion and return to Mercy University Hospital. The consent of the consultant in charge of your care will be sought prior to the disclosure of information.

Will I see all of the Information in the Health Records?

The Data Protection Act gives rights of access, but also the right of the record holder to withhold any information, which may cause serious harm to physical or mental health, or identify a third party. The record holder does not have to disclose the fact that information has been withheld.
If you think that you may not have received all the information that you are entitled to, you can complain to the Courts. Where the holder of the record is a hospital, you should take the matter up in the first instance with the Medical Records Officer.

What if the Health Records are Incorrect?

You can ask for corrections to the record, and you are entitled to a copy of the
correction. If the record is not corrected, a note of the request and any discussion will be kept on record and a copy given to you.

Is there a Charge to see the Health Records?

People who apply for access to health records may be charged a fee.

How long will it Take?

Once we receive the request form, we have 41 days to provide access to the medical record.

What if I have any Questions about Information in my Records?

If you have any questions about care and treatment recorded in the records, the hospital will take reasonable steps to enable you to review your records with a member of the clinical staff, in order to explain any clinical terms or notes.