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Delivering compassionate, evidence-based and effective care to the people of Cork.

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The Emergency Department is open 24 hours for all types of emergencies, apart from critical paediatric cases and major trauma.

Consultant Staff

Dr. Adrian Murphy

Advanced Nurse Practitioner (Emergency Nursing) Service

There are two Registered Advanced Nurse Practitioners (RANP) working in the ED MUH: Ms. Anne O'Keeffe and Ms. Sile O'Grady.
Service Hours:  Monday - Friday  8 am - 8 pm.
Anne and Sile can see, treat, diagnose and discharge patients over one year of age who present to the ED with minor injury (limbs / head injury, etc.) or minor illness (soft tissue infections). 
The service provides a complementary service to the traditional model of emergency care and General Practitioners (GPs) can contact the Advanced Nurse Practitioner service directly to discuss a case.  
The RANPs report clinically to Dr. Adrian Murphy (Consultant in Emergency Medicine) and professionally to Ms. Margaret McKiernan (Director of Nursing).
Sile and Anne are both members of the Irish Association Advanced Nurse and Midwife Practitioners (IAANMP) - www.IAANMP.com.
RANP's have extensive experience in emergency patient care and are educated to master degree level.  Sile and Anne are registered nurse prescribers of both ionizing radiation (x-ray) and medicines.  They are supported by the ED team and provide a quality and efficient service.  They utilise advanced clinical nursing knowledge and critical thinking skills to independently provide optimum care to pateints (over one year of age) with minor injuries / illness.
Pictured above:  Síle O'Grady (left) and Anne O'Keeffe (right), Advanced Nurse Practitioners with Micheál Sheridan, CEO Mercy University Hospital Foundation (centre) in the Emergency Department, 2015. 

Staffing Levels

Title WTE
Registrars 8.0
SHOs 5.0
CNM3 1.0
CNM2 7.0
Nursing staff 25.0
Social Inclusion CNS 1.0
Clerical Staff 5.0
Secretary 0.5
Medical Social Worker  Case Load up to 5 per day

Patient Demographics

Mostly inner-city and rural, adults (c. 83%) and children (c. 17%), plus tourists, refugees, homeless and night-time club and pub-goers.

Medical Policy

Consensual and city-wide.

Medical Education and Audit

Centralised (at the Cork University Hospital, with full day induction course, followed by daily teaching x 2 weeks, then weekly thereafter); Plus In-House tuition: weekly in department.
Plus: Cork Emergency Medicine Forum: quarterly meeting for all clinical staff in the county's Emergency departments.

CPG (Clinical Policy Group)

Meeting once a month to review policy, procedures and strategy in the department (multidisciplinary grouping of senior medical and nursing staff, medical social worker and invited colleagues)

Hospital Emergency Services Committee

Chaired by Dr. Adrian Murphy, plus CNM3 and MUH DCEO (strategic planning for crises affecting institution corporately)

Antibiotic Guidelines

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Public Health Education: Evidence-based and effective emergency care to the people of Cork.