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Mission and Values

Mission Statement of the Centre of Nurse Education
The staff of the Mercy University Hospital (MUH) Centre of Nurse Education (CNE) are committed to providing high quality, accessible education to all its stakeholders within the MUH CNE's defined geographical remit.  We view education as a shared undertaking with teaching staff as facilitators and learners as active participants in their professional development.
Learning is a life-long process which enables individuals to think critically in the appraisal and application of knowledge, skills and values as these relate to self, others and the environment.  We seek to excel in the field of education, ensuring that our programmes are accredited, progressive and empowering.  This philosophy guides our values set out below.
We seek to empathise and listen to our participants and stakeholders as we try to understand their educational needs.
We provide first-class accredited educational programmes based on best available evidence to assist nurses and other healthcare workers to develop their knowledge, skills and competence to enable them to deliver safe patient / client care in a rapidly changing environment.
We adhere to honesty, integrity and fairness in all that we do.  We strive to act at all times with complete integrity and transparency.
Each person is respected as a unique and valued individual.  We respect and value each person's contribution, through trust, courtesy and collaboration.
Team Spirit
The team in the Centre of Nurse Education work together to achieve our common purpose of excellence in education.
We continuously strive for enhancement in the education and services we provide by working in partnership with stakeholders which contributes to the provision of effective, inclusive, high-quality, evidence-based care.


The Centre of Nurse Education (CNE) at Mercy University Hospital is located at 34 Henry Street.


The CNE's role is the provision of continuing professional education, training and development enabling registered nurses and other health care personnel working in public and private health care settings to maintain and develop their knowledge, skills and competence.

Educational Prospectus - containing additional useful information


Learner Testimonials

"The delivery of the course was clear and concise.  Very informative and enjoyable."
BLS - Basic Life Support
"The programme was excellently presented and left me feeling very confident to manage a situation should it occur."
Supra Pubic Catheterisation
"This course helped me to further develop my knowledge and skills.  I now feel more equipped to deliver catheter care."
Diabetes Module
"Very well structured and relevant course.  The speakers were excellent and very informative."
Enhancing and Enabling Wellbeing for the Person with Dementia
"This course covered a lot of areas and provided much food for thought.  The presentations were excellent and I thoroughly enjoyed the two days.  I will be recommending this course."
"I learned the proper and safe procedure of how to correctly take bood from a patient and I got the opportunity to practice both techniques.  The procedure was explained and illustrated comprehensively."
Ear Care
"The theory and practice were both excellent.  We received a lot of information about ear care guidelines and standards of practice.  Very enjoyable course."